Campground Rules and Regulations

For Dog and Pets Owners

1. Pets should be on a short leash at all times and to remain tied on a strong durable chain or rope that will not allow the pet to extend off the site in any direction.

2. Pets should never be left unattended.

3. Pets should always be on a short leash when walking them.

4. All pet dropping shall be the responsibility of the pet owners.

5. All pets should have proper License with vaccinations on file at the office.

6. If any pet is creating a disturbance or otherwise being a nuisance, the pet should be removed immediately per Management.

7. No more then 2 pets per site will be allowed.

8. Visitors of seasonal and non-seasonal campers are no permitted to bring pets.

9. No pets allowed in the camp store, game room, swimming/beach area or bathroom facilities.

10. Campground owner can deny any pets whatsoever, into the campground.

11. The following dog breeds shall not be permitted entrance into the campground: Pitt Bull.

12. Pet owners are responsible for all actions of the pet.

These rules & regulations came about due to the following statistics:

Ÿ Each year, dogs bite more then 4.7 million Americans.

Ÿ Dog bits cause an average of 18 deaths per year

Ÿ Of the 800,000 estimated dog bite related injuries requiring medical treatment per year, almost $165 million is spent treating them nationwide.

Ÿ Children comprise 60% of all dog bite victims, 73% were bitten on the face, net & head. Compared to just 30% for adults.

Ÿ The chance that a bite will require medical attention is 1 in 5.

Ÿ On average, 334,000 people a year visit hospital emergency rooms because of dog related incidents.

Ÿ On average 21,000 will visit medical offices or clinics.

I have read and thoroughly understand all the above rules and regulations regarding pets at Camp Emerald Acres.

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